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It started in 2000 with Superego Cafe, the website for trainee psychiatrists and developed into revision courses for the MRCPsych exams, continuing professional development and critical appraisal. In 2013 a new subsidiary, The Critical Appraisal Company, was launched to meet the demand for our unique training approach in healthcare organisations and the pharmaceutical industry, not just in the UK but also across the rest of Europe, the Middle East and Australasia.

Dr Gurpal Gosall was the Webmaster, Superego Cafe’s MRCPsych Forum at  He set up and ran this website, the premier online resource for MRCPsych exam candidates. The site has been favourably reviewed by the British Medical Journal and Hospital Doctor magazine.

New online material has been launched on the website and his discussion forum for psychiatrists continues to be a hub for psychiatrists to meet and share ideas. Thank you for your continued support.

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